Nailed it!

Black Girls*
today has been nothing short of shitty

i got dragged through the lunchline by some asshole who was not paying attention and got hooked on my bag

i got shoved out of line 6 times

someone walked into me almost spilling my lunch
that was enough to ruin my day then i get home and sleep then wake up 4 hours later and sneeze, get blood in my eyes, mouth, and entire bathroom (fuck you nose) and now im just gonna anally masturbating while watching xfiles because fuck the system im pissed offimage


similar here

the best part about being weird and arrogant is that i actually feel like a walking art piece sometimes but if we think about it we’re all walking art pieces bcs there is that one thing about us that makes us different from one another


*white person on anon voice* so how can you say that white people can’t experience racism if i was beaten to death every day in school by my black classmates for being the ONLY white person at my school? and before you ask, YES i am black…




but can we talk about the fetishization of mentally ill women and girls? because every time i hear some dude go on about how “the hot ones are always crazy,” steam comes out of my ears and my head pops off and rolls down a staircase.

My first serious…

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